Zach Wyner (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group)

Writing coach

Zach is such a wonderful, skillful teacher!  His students love him, and his deep knowledge of the subject matter, coupled with his patience and his love of teaching, make him one of the most effective teachers I know.

Neal Wrightson, Director, Children’s Community School


Zach has an intuitive, encouraging approach in his work with kids that allows them to feel at ease and open their minds. He is thoughtful and strategic in the way he works to further skills and thinking.

Kris Lee, Park Day School


I want to bolster your child’s confidence. That’s the goal. 

In my experience as both a classroom teacher and a writing coach, I have learned that, above all, success begins with confidence.

This confidence is a product of trial and error, of having the courage to ask questions and having those questions validated through feedback from a supportive and encouraging educator. Confidence is a product of our making connections between our personal experiences and the wide world and thinking critically about the society in which we live. Once students know how to ask questions, they can better develop, structure and express their ideas in writing.

During a lesson, students and I will work on collaboratively-crafted projects that challenge them to think critically and creatively and demonstrate to them exactly what they can accomplish when they write from information. When necessary, we will also develop organizational strategies, prep for upcoming exams, draft essays, and address questions that may have arisen in the classroom.


My approach

It’s difficult to predict the duration of a writing coach/student relationship, but whether a student needs short-term help on a college-application essay, the development of a consistent writing practice, or a complete transformation of their relationship to writing, my approach remains essentially the same: I will arm them with strategies that will help make writing less daunting and show them how to be accountable for their own learning.

It’s demoralizing to look at a project and have no idea how to go about completing it. For many students, the path is so obscure they give up without trying and rely on parents or teachers for help. However, if—armed with strategies to break writing down into a series of manageable steps—students develop the confidence to attack projects that they would have otherwise dismissed as too difficult, they will discover that they are capable of much more than they suspected and evolve into confident writers.

Becoming a writer

Your child and I will review homework assignments whenever there is a pressing need, but it is unlikely that this alone will bolster their enthusiasm toward writing. Rather than focus on schoolwork, we will work with a variety of forms such as personal essays, fictional stories, poetry and editorials with a goal of developing, submitting and publishing original works online. While nurturing a love of learning is the primary goal, we will also honor our hard work by putting it out into the world.


Student Work

Dont Deport Dreamers

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Heart To Shatter

Changing Our Culture of Misogyny

Jorge Garcia Deportation A Re-Telling

Rebuilding Relationships

Ahed Tamimi Is A Role Model

The Problem In Front Of You



Zach is one of those teachers that every parent wishes their kid could have. He has a love of learning, a kind, patient manner, lots of integrity and a genuine dedication to his students. I am so happy to have him as one of the instructors on my team for ‘Take My Word For It!’.

Sondra Hall, Director, “Take My Word For It” – Creative Writing for Kids


Zach gave my son confidence that he had a voice and could express it in the written word. What a gift! It is impossible to convey all that Zach gave my son.

Barbara Ramsey M.S.W.


Zach was the finest Assistant Teacher I’ve had in my class during my 20+ years of teaching. I’ve happily recommended his tutorial services to families and am always very pleased to hear that a child will be working with Zach.

Bob Rollins, Park Day School


I highly recommend Zach Wyner as a tutor. Zach has worked very successfully as an assistant teacher, writing instructor and substitute teacher at Park Day. Zach works collaboratively with teachers, students and parents to effectively hone in on where a student requires support. Zach also connects easily with students, helping them to feel comfortable with the task at hand and the challenges they are encountering.

Karen Colaric, Lower School Coordinator, Park Day School


Zach is an amazing tutor and human being! He is gentle, kind, calm, patient and extremely skilled at understanding children, connecting with them and knowing how to help them learn and grow! We have known Zach in many different capacities for many years and we could not recommend him more highly. He is currently tutoring my oldest daughter and she not only loves meeting with Zach, but she has made incredible progress. He works collaboratively with kids, parents and teachers and goes out of his way to support children in their learning.

Barbara Moura


Zach gives me room so that I can fix my math glitches. He doesn’t fix it for me.  My work with Zach has really built up my automaticity with math and my math thinking.

Logan Mottley-Bauer, 8th grader, Park Day School


Prior to hiring Zach as a tutor for my daughter, writing assignments often made her freeze. She’d hesitate and second-guess herself. Within a few months of meeting once a week with Zach, I watched her confidence blossom. She’s now such a funny, descriptive, honest writer! And it’s amazing how her grammar and punctuation have really improved too.

Rachel Sarah


Zach had the unenviable role of tutoring our 18-year-old daughter during the summer immediately after high school graduation.  During her scheduling-social-swirl, intellectually checked-out, packing-for-college phase of life, we forced her to work with Zach.  We are indeed the worst parents ever.  But ultimately Zach made it not-so-bad-after-all for our daughter to work on understanding how to take the jumbled up ideas in her head and put some logic and organization to it.  A few years prior, our daughter was diagnosed with some learning disabilities, and although we worked on writing and organization throughout her high school years, it just didn’t “stick.”  Writing was her vale of tears.  Zach only worked with our daughter for a couple of months, but during that time he was able to help her with skills to organize ideas, validate her creativity and gain confidence needed to put pen to paper. It’s now been a month into her college life and the work that Zach did with our daughter seems to have stuck.  She had an essay due last week and approached it without tears and with a spring in her step.  Zach has the great combination of being good at what he does, getting kids to feel that they can do it too, and making it not feel like a big burden.

Cindy Tsai Schultz


If you'd like to discuss a coaching plan for your child, please feel free to reach out.